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Here are some answers to the questions we get asked the most. We hope you find it helpful.
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Are VAT & Customs fees applied?

VAT is not applicable. If you’re ordering from outside the EU, please note that your country’s tax and customs fees may be applied upon import. Buyers are responsible for paying any fees their government may impose.
See our legal page for more information, and don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions.

Pour les clients facturés en France: TVA non applicable – article 293 B du CGI

Unsure which size to choose?

To be sure that the plaque size chosen or requested will look great on your door, mailbox or keepsake box, we recommend cutting a piece of paper to the stated dimensions and placing it where you want the plaque to go in order to visualize how the plate will look once in place.
You can also request a mock-up to see how the text will fit on the plaque.

How do I care for my plaque?

All plaques are made from quality brass or copper without lacquer. This will allow your plaque to attain a wonderful warm patina over time which is good for the plaque’s longevity.
However if you wish to lessen the intensity of the patina or remove spots, simply lightly scrub the plaque with a solution of lemon juice and salt.
Note that use of non-brass or non-copper screws is not advised, particularly if the plaque will be exposed to humid or wet conditions, due to risk of unsightly corrosion.

Do you offer different finishes?

Our standard finish results in an aged look. The brass & copper plaques are never coated with lacquer or wax allowing them to take on more patina as they age. We can add more patina for an even darker aged look, just let us know.
See more details about finish options

How do I attach my plaque to a wood surface?

For wood, you can either use neoprene adhesive if you prefer to not have holes. Otherwise choose the option to have holes drilled into your plaque and we’ll send you small brass screws suitable for attaching your plaque to most wood surfaces.

How do I attach my plaque to a non-wood surface?

Strong neoprene adhesive for concrete or metal is advised. For a metal surface, a magnet strip is also a great solution. If you prefer to bolt your plaque to the surface, note that use of non-brass or copper metal may cause corrosion if in direct contact with your brass or copper plaque, particularly if in humid conditions.

When will I receive my order?

Delivery times are estimated based on our current production time as well as normal mail flow. Holidays, weather and other issues may cause delays.
If you have a tight deadline, please contact us prior to purchase so that we can confirm availability.

Do you offer express shipping and rush orders?

Express shipping is always available. If you don’t see the option on your order page, please contact us for a quote.
Rush orders need to be discussed prior to ordering to confirm availability.
See more info about Shipping & Processing

Are large professional orders accepted?

Yes, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote on any project large or small.

Do you offer any silver colored metal or only brass & copper?

Unfortunately we do not offer anything silver colored at this time as we haven’t found a silver colored metal that meets our high standards for quality at a good price.
We do however offer various levels of patina to darken your plaque so that it’s almost black as well as sanded brass plaques that have a duller finish so it’s less gold in color.

Are you able to include a logo or design?

No, we are not currently set up to etch or engrave logos or designs.

Are returns accepted?

Due to the personalized and custom nature of each plaque, returns are not accepted. However if you are unhappy with the quality the product, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss so that hopefully we can remedy the problem.
See Refund & Returns page

Can I make changes to my order?

As long as your request is made prior to production, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Once production begins, we regret that changes can’t be made. Also note that it is not possible to correct any spelling or date errors after your plaque is made so please be mindful when submitting your text.

Are mockups provided?

For ready to order plaques, a mockup may be sent to you prior to production (see product details). If your item comes with a mockup, you will have 48 hrs to approve your text or request changes. Your mockup will be considered approved if no response is received after 48 hrs. For custom request orders, a mockup will be provided prior to purchase. We are happy to make multiple mockups for you so you can get your text placement just right but we do ask our buyers to be mindful of their requests. We reserve the right to charge for additional mockups at our discretion. Note that our mockups are for text placement only so you see how the text will fit on the plaque.

Do you offer gift wrap?

Yes! Just click the gift wrap option and we will wrap your plaque using pretty paper we’ve collected over the years, tied with a ribbon. Sweet and simple. Sorry, boxes and cards are not offered.

What is hand stamping?

Hand stamping uses individual steel metal stamps (or punches) with a letter or number at the bottom of the punch. By striking the top of the punch with a hammer, letters and numbers are impressed into the metal, one by one. This technique relies on the hand and eye to create beautiful pieces that have a more natural and organic look than the mechanical perfection of engraved items.

Will there be differences in spacing and depth of characters?
Unlike engraved plaques, hand stamping requires each letter to be impressed individually without mechanical assistance. To make our plaques, we use a jig to maintain straight lines but individual letter placement and depth might vary slightly due to this free-hand method. Here at Frapperie we believe these subtle variations add to the charm and uniqueness of each handmade plaque.

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