Personalized Copper Plaques

Copper is highly resistant to corrosion and weather, allowing it to work well for a variety of applications from house signs to memorial plaques.
Totally recyclable, copper is a “green” metal. Only a fraction of the earths reserves have been mined thus making copper a sustainable metal for your project.

Copper’s distinctive fire-orange color adds a unique warmth and depth that manages to be both modern and timeless.

At  Frapperie each copper plaque is lightly sanded then treated with a blackening agent to darken the letters and  give the plate an aged look perfect for a mantra sign, bereavement plaque, Victorian door nameplate, etc.
Preferring a maintain an old world look over a polished sheen, a lacquer coating is not offered.

Used outdoors copper will gradually change through shades of brown to a black brown before developing an appealing blue-green patina. This patina develops slowly over time, protecting the metal, making it even more durable.

To order your personalized copper plaque, you can choose from our popular sizes seen in our ready-to-order section and provide your text or you can contact us to place a custom order if you need a size or style not seen or simply wish to discuss your order prior to purchase.

Note that Frapperie also offers custom Brass plaques

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Custom order for a Copper plaque

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