Plaque Options

In addition to the stamped personalized text for your copper and brass plaques, you can choose from a variety of font sizes and finishing details to make your plaque perfect for your project! Have a look below to see our available options.
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Frapperie offers 2 styles of fonts: Arial & Highlands, in order to create the perfect plaque for you.

  • Arial is offered in uppercase only in a variety of font sizes
  • Highlands is offered in upper and lowercase in 2.5 mm size only

Please see our specific Font page with detailed information about these different options

Holes & Screws

If you’d like to attach the plaque with screws, you can request your plaque be drilled with holes.
Generally this could be one at the top center of the plaque or 2 on the centerline of the plaque or 4 holes, one in each corner… but just about anything is possible.

Plaques come with small brass screws suitable for use in wood or soft surfaces.
(note: for copper plaques, we blacken the brass screws with an oxidizing agent for a better, if not perfect, match)
Our brass screws tend to be somewhat fragile so we’ll send a few extras to you. For other information regarding attaching your plaque, please see our FAQ.

For small plaques, the holes are 2,7 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm for larger plaques.
Dimensions of the supplied DIN-96 brass screws are as follows (see reference drawing below):

  • For small plaques: d = 2.5mm / dk = 5mm / k = 1.7mm / l = 10.25mm
  • For larger plaques: d = 3mm / dk = 6mm / k = 2.1mm / l = 10.40mm
brass screws dimensions and specification DIN 96
DIN-96 Brass screw specifications

Note that we can accommodate custom size holes upon request.


We offer 3 different corner styles :

  • Standard (square)
  • Rounded
  • Angled (cut at 45 degree)

Plaque Thickness

We offer high quality brass & copper plaques. Each plaque offered starts at the minimum thickness advised for the plaque size based on our expertise in order to ensure quality.
You are always welcome to upgrade to a thicker plaque based on your preferences and needs, or discuss a thinner plaque if you have specific constraints.

Available for Brass :

  • 1.0 mm
  • 1.2 mm
  • 1.5 mm

Available for Copper :

  • 1.0 mm
  • 1.5 mm

Surface Finish

All Frapperie brass & copper plaques are finished by hand without any lacquer added for a natural look that allows your plaque to age gracefully.

Our standard finish process includes light circular sanding to remove any deep scratches followed by an oxidizing agent to darken the letters and add patina. The end result is a warm, vintage looking plaque with lots of charm and character. Because this process is done by hand, one by one, the finish may vary slightly, making each plaque wonderfully unique!

We also offer customized finishes upon request, such as a heavier patina, a modern linear brushed finish with almost no patina or even a polished finished without patina. However please note that we do not offer lacquer coating.

Take a look at our gallery for examples of our standard finish as well as customized finishes we’ve done for our clients.