Font Options

Frapperie owns a varied and growing inventory of letter stamp kits.
On this page you will find all the font options we currently have available, as well as a few limitations inherent to the manual process of stamping the plaques.

Font Styles

The following font styles are available :


  • Uppercase only
  • Letters & Numbers


  • Uppercase & Lowercase
  • Letters only
brass plaque with arial font
Arial uppercasefont style
brass plaque with Highlands uppercase font style
Highlands uppercase font style
brasse plaque with Highlands lowercase font style
Highlands lowercase font style

Font Sizes

Different size fonts are available for your plaque (note: font size corresponds to the the height of the letters).

Choice can be based either on:

  1. Specific plaque dimensions are needed ⇒ the font that best fits the plaque size you need is chosen
  2. Specific font size for best visibility is needed ⇒ the plaque’s dimensions are adjusted to fit the chosen font size

Different font sizes can also be mixed & matched on the same plaque.

Font sizes available
Uppercase only
3 mm
(numerals only)
4 mm
8 mm
10 mm
12 mm
15 mm
Font sizes available
Uppercase & Lowercase
2.5 mm
(letters only)

Letter stamp limitations

  • For the ARIAL font, all text is stamped in capital letters only, lowercase is not available
  • Accents are available for ARIAL font only, at a surcharge as it requires additional work for us to add them
    (letter stamp kits with accents do not exist so we must do each accent individually using our own developed methods)
  • Accents are not available for HIGHLANDS font
  • Numerals are not available for HIGHLANDS font, ARIAL numerals in 3 mm will be used
  • Plaques are stamped using purchased letter, number and punctuation/symbol kits.
    • The following punctuation and symbols are available . , - _ * +
    • Upon special request, depending on the project, we may be able to offer / and |
    • We also offer the heart symbol
  • Custom designs like logos are not possible as we do not offer etching / engraving services at this time